Simple house creation, for demonstration purposes.

Was trying to create a video of something being created in Maya, for demonstrative purposes for a presentation I had to give. I wound up making the simple house above. The process can be seen below.



Just a compilation render of most of what I’ve done in the last 3-4 months. The notable absences are Vader’s lightsaber and the Marshal’s Badge. They are/were not in satisfactory states at the time.

Marshal’s Badge progress.

Spent a bit of time trying to make some nice looking straps. I’m mostly happy with them, and the gear/cylinder section. I’d like to smooth out the spiral groove on the star, and fix it up a bit. I’d also redo the gold section entirely (and that would require me to redo the most of the straps, but I’d be willing, if I had time).

Bombs, from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

I’m a big fan of Wind Waker. It was my first Zelda, and having played several of the hand-held installments, OoT, and SS, it’s still my favorite. There’s so much style in that game. Almost every where in the game is visually unique, and still so simplistic. I’ve been unable to even really start TP because of how visually off-putting it is to me.

Regardless. Bombs. I was looking for something simple to do, and you can’t get much simpler than a sphere, cap, and fuse. There’s also a weird render I got while originally trying to get the Outline effect to work. Thought it looked really weird but kind of cool.

Han’s Blaster progress

Made some pretty good progress with the blaster. I’ve hit kind of a roadblock in actually connecting the barrel and body, but I’ll work on it.

Outlined objects

I added the outline effect to a few older models (after cleaning some of them up). Just going to drop them here.

“Monument”, from the Legend of Korra

So, Avatar-based inspiration hit again while watching an episode of The Legend of Korra. It seemed simple enough, like things usually do. It, of course, proved to be more difficult then initially though. I call it a monument, but I honestly don’t know what it is, or what the character (if it is one) on it means. The edges on everything seem to sharp, to me.